Sunday, February 18, 2007

Art Spirit

Art Spirit will be the heading and direction of this Blog. Art Spirit is also a book compiled with the philosophy of Artist and painter Robert Henri . Henri's book was shared with me by my girl friend Salli who was also an Art Major with me in college. That's a long time ago now, in the mid 60's when the US was in the turmoil of Civil Rights and the Vietnam War. We thought the ideals and purity of Henri's philosophy was something to aspire to. I began teaching sculpture at that time and that was interrupted by my Navy enlistment.

When you first teach you regurgitate your lessons and this solidifies your ideas. Youthful enthusiasm carries the day. I think though a real Art Journey has to take place out of the classroom and in the real world to have real substance. (Lots of reality in that sentence).

Forty years later is again a good time to teach and kibitz about Art. I still think the Art Spirit still has something to say and I'm still enthusiastic about Art. So lets converse, exchange some ideas and have a little fun.