Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Skipjack Sails Again

Avast! Saga of the Skipjack
There was an ancient mariner who stopeth one of three
by his long gray beard and glinting eye
he then spake to me.
Skipjack did run aground about a year ago you know
she was heading on a long reach
but met a blizzard of woe
They had to cut away her rig and make previsions last
Her deck sloped so much
the Captain grabbed the mast
The First Mate cried 'Oh Thunder'!
The hull lied broke and smashed
All their hopes and dreams lied on the rocks and dashed
We can't go back! Only straight ahead the ragged crew surmised
A new vessel is what we need
to every one's surprise
We'll build it better, we'll build it longer, we'll sail it straight and true
By God in Thunder, we'll make them wonder
It just sailed out of the Blue
So set your date and plan your watch, the motley crew survived
Joe and Alison have planned an opening
The Skipjack has arrived
Seventeen October, Two Thousand and eight,
from Twelve Noon on
You best not wait
Be you there, see you there, only days away
Join the joyous celebration
As we all cry Hurray!
Bill Osmundsen