Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Progress on Alexandra's portrait as a Clay Model

on a rather elaborate armature...

I found myself sculpting right off my preconceived armature, which is the form you use to hold the wet clay model in place.  My sculpture professor at Trinity University, Philip John Evett who was English,  used to talk about Sir Jacob Epstein, sculptor, who he said frequently ended up sculpting right off the form (planned armature) sometimes including the sculpture table as well.  In this case I sculpted right off the supporting 'pipe' to finally arrive where I was happy.  Of course all of the supports will be cut out in the mold making process which I have begun.  See the pic's below to view the beginning of the mold making process.

the clay form is divided for mold separation, shallacked,
and is now ready for 6 - 8 coats of latex molding compound.

Ps:- Evett continues on at age 91....he was vibrant, thoughtful, humorous and inspirational as a professor.  During class breaks we would breakout his sabres, fencing masks and we would duel in the outdoor courtyard.  I was happy to find his u-tube presentation in the form of a monologue given at age 89;-

    Philip John Evett at Blue Star