Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Figure from Life: About the Class

I will be teaching classes in Life Sculpture at Don Watson's New Studio Gallery on September 26th here in Virginia Beach. These will be small classes so that there will be a lot of individual attention. What our goals are: - is in depth figure and anatomy study, in 2 and 3 demensional form.
We will be using a young model named Brandy who has plenty of experience modeling for art classes around the area. I met with her on Monday and a sketch of Brandy is included on the entry preceding this.
Our first study this Wednesday night will be the Torso. For the 10 week series we will focus on a particular area of the body. This will give us more time for complete study. The Torso will be followed by the Head , Hand and Foot. The Torso is a good beginning point for sculptural form.
Wednesday night, bring a Sketch Pad because before we sculpt and design our Armature we are going to draw from the model.
This is an important class because it familiarises us with the model and her proportions. This will carry through the rest of the study.
I understand from Don that we have between 6 and 8 people signed up. The class size will be limited to about 12 students;- so call or e-mail me or Don to get signed up.
Particulars are on my Web Site:- - look under WhatsNew for all the links.
See you Wednesday night, Bill