Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Life Sculpture Class

Life Sculpture Class will be rescheduled to Thursday Nite, same hours 7-9 PM.
This rescheduling is only for this week. We will be changing models and our Clay Stone is not due in until Thursday.
We may in fact make the class available both Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
Your input will be desired.
We seem to be having a Model problem as of late. You may know of somewhat who would like to pose (female). They can contact me at: 757-962-4778.

What are we looking for in a model?
The art of life modeling is a practice which goes back to the Renaissance and indeed in this country to the 1700's.
The nude is studied both for it's anatomy and beauty.
Oddly enough even in today's liberated world there are still people who don not understand this art form and question it's motivation.
For those people;- working from life is a serious study which strenghtens the artist's understanding of the media they are working in and the anatomy of people which maybe depicted fully clothed and outfitted in finished artworks.

So the model should be 18 years or older, mature. Have a sense of their body and movement.
Models with no experience can be trained in a matter of a few sessions.

The pay is good, the people,- dedicated artists and the atmosphere is wholesome.
Hope to see you Thursday,