Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Life Sculpting Class #2

Life Sculpting Class was held last Thursday but will resume Wednesday nite; 7-9 PM.
We will continue class every Wednesday as planned.
Class #2 introduced our new model Elizabeth.
We also received our Clay Stone shipment from Sculpture House.

The Armature: was constructed by class members from 1 1/2" PVC Water Pipe, measured at 14" in length. The pipe length was connected to a 1" x 1ft sq. board using a small shelf bracket.
The upright pipe was wrapped with layers of wet newspaper. The paper had been torn into 3" - 4" strips. The excess water was squeezed from the newspaper before and during building;- we wanted a nice tight fit of the paper to the pipe. String was used to insure a close bond.

Elizabeth then modeled for the class during the clay build-up. We left several inches at the base, making the overall height of the Torso of about 10". This Wednesday the Torso's will sculpted and further refined from Life.

It's not too late to join the class, every class member is free to proceed at their own speed.
more info: BronzeSea/Whats New

See you Wednesday nite;